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Dance & Rythm classes for babies & tots. in DC and Bethesda!

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DC: 3232 Georgia Ave NW, Suite 104, Washington, DC 20010. Tel: (202) 643-1870


One class – $15, Five classes – $65, Ten classes – $110 



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benefits of baby dance classes

When engaging in baby dance classes, the child develops versatility, acquiring a number of skills and abilities:
– Child’s physical form improves,
– Child develops coordination of movements, child learns the simplest dance movements,
– Learns such concepts as tempo, rhythm, as well as the genre and nature of music,
– Child learns to adequately express and control his emotions,
– Developing creativity and an active lifestyle.
– Good preparation for further music lessons, dancing, or sports.
– Rhythmic exercises give an excellent “peaceful” relaxation for hyperactive children.
– Rhythmic classes for children helps to relax,
– Teaches children to move freely, creates a feeling of joy, rhythmic instills a love of music, and educates the child’s musical taste.

Baby dance classes, story time, ballet for toddlers, puppet classes, mommy and me and more fun for babies and parents at the Salsa With Silvia dance studio.

NEED TO KNOW + POLICY: Please arrive at least 10 minutes earlier to allow for signing in. Click  here for location parking, public transportation and stroller storage information. Payments are non-refundable. Children should be accompanied with a parent/guardian during the class. Children who do well with following directions and being separated from their parent/guardian can be dropped off. Drop in classes require registration for every class you plan to attend. Semester enrollment classes are a commitment for several weeks in a roll. No make up classes are allowed for semester enrollment classes. No pro rating or refunds for missed semester classes.

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