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At the Salsa With Silvia dance studio, we believe that camps should be filled with laughter, fun games and adventures but we also love to challenge our campers by providing a continuation of their school curriculum and working on reading, writing, science and more. Our camps are bilingual. They are super structured and filled with fun but challenging activities for the kids.


Most frequent questions and answers

– All staff are required to be vaccinated. All kids and parents wear masks inside the studio.

– We will be checking temperature upon entry of every person (children + adults) that enter the studio.

– The studio will continue to be disinfected and cleaned regularly. We always disinfect several times a day and we’ll do it even more. Our cleaning products are provided by a commercial cleaning supply provider and they are all hospital grade effective

– Add even more wash your hands rounds to our routine

– Every morning, we go over the rules of camp and the plan for the day. Discussion about preventing the spread of viruses will be a part of our daily morning routine. We will talk about social distancing, washing our hands, cleaning our mats.

– Staying outdoors as much as possible – however, if extreme heat that may not be possible but we do run a fresh air vent all day long.

– Kids that show any symptoms of being sick will be sent home and should not be brought to camp.

– We will shut down camp if anyone reports a positive COVID test.

– Absolute open communication and regular updates for parents. We are always here to hear your concerns and we value your feedback and opinion. Together we can decide what’s best for the safety of our children.

Each child must wear a mask and have one packed. Outdoor mask wearing is optional.

We have 2 adults per classroom of 10 to 15 children. All of our educators are certified and are CPR trained. Your child’s safety is our top priority.

We stand by quality of education and structure, better teacher to student ratio than most camps, safety and variety of educational and creative activities for the kids!

  • Our educators are currently teaching at public schools and have years of experience in early childhood education.
  • Our dance instructors and educators are CPR trained and are experienced in working with young children.
  • Our adult to child ratio is much higher than any other camp.
  • Small size classes: our cap per room does not exceed 15 kids.
  • The number of activities we offer and creativity that our camp inspires in kids, surpasses any other camp in the area.
  • We help kids continue with their reading, writing curriculum during their breaks.
  • Our camp is bilingual.
  • We provide morning breakfast and snacks throughout the day.
  • Our facility is clean and up to code. Our cleaning standards are very high and we follow all protocols and CDC guidelines.

Yes, we have two classrooms and we split the students by age.

YES!!! We love to have boys in camps. They can dance, create and play just as well as girls!

At our DC location, children go to the park located on Irving St NW and Georgia Ave NW.

At our Bethesda location, we go to Caroline Freeland Park located on Elm St. and Arlington Rd.

Each child wears our bright and very colorful camp t-shirt. The kids will be accounted for on the way out of our facility and before we head back.

Each day the kids have 2 structured dance sessions (40 min each) and are exposed to one or two different styles of dance depending on the session/camp focus (ballet, tap, modern, Latin, Hip Hop and more). The kids participate in designing their showcase  by selecting their favorite styles and songs that they learned to dance to.

Our camps are bilingual and at least 50% of the content is taught in Spanish. Our goal is to expose the kids to Spanish as much as possible. Even if the child has never learned Spanish, he/she will start recognizing words that we use to name different objects, activities, actions, etc. We use a game, music and singing approach to learning so the kids can memorize words much quicker.

Our Dance & Learning camps are designed to be fun but also very educational. The kids learn the different dance styles through games. For example, they do games where they learn to recognize the rhythm of the different dance styles. They use musical instruments and props like egg shakers, tambourines, scarves and magic wands to learn the music beat. We learn not only dance but we explore different styles of music and rhythm. Because it is hard for young kids to focus on dance for more than 80 minutes a day (2 sessions, 40 minutes each), we are adding many other activities such as singing & musicality, arts & crafts, outdoor time, counting, spelling, reading, writing, science, story telling and more. The overall goal of the program is to continue challenging the students brains while keeping them active and having fun.

Sadly, yes. Our camp has defined rules & policies, and a child can be dismissed after 3 warnings for disruptive behavior. If you receive a dismissal warming and your child is dismissed, we will not pro-rate and refund the rest of the camp enrollment fees.

The only requirement for clothing is for our dance activities. Each child should have a pair of ballet slippers that they can leave in their cubby for the duration of their enrollment. Tap shoes are required for the session that has Tap dance focus. We provide the camp t-shirts on site and we wash them weekly. Be sure to dress kids season appropriate. We prefer NO flip flops during summer camp, they are not safe. Water shoes are required for spray days.

Yes, the dance routines that will be performed will not be long and difficult to memorize. We want to avoid kids feeling intimidated and we want them to enjoy it. Showcases will be guided by the dance instructor the entire time.

Camp Rules & Policy

By enrolling for the Salsa With Silvia Camp Programs, you agree that if you decide to cancel enrollment, only 70% of your payment will be refunded with at least 2 weeks notice. Deposits are non-refundable. If service cancellation is performed by the Salsa With Silvia studio, a full refund will be issued unless such cancellation is caused by a force majeure such as a war, strike, riot, crime, epidemic or an event described by the legal term act of God, preventing the Studio from fulfilling its obligations under the contract.

A child can be dismissed from camp under the following circumstances:

– Continuous disruptive and violent behavior: pushing, hitting, spitting, offending other campers, being disrespectful to teachers, staff and other campers, etc.

– Continuously disobeying instructors, separating from the group, pulling and playing with curtains, hanging off ballet barres, not following instructions, etc.

– Demonstrating continuous lack of interest for activities offered in the camp, disturbing and distracting other campers. We want your child to have fun and if they are simply not interested in the various activities that we offer, then we’ll advise that maybe he/she is interested in other types of camps (sports, etc.).

We will start by talking to the child and of course talking to the parents/guardians. We will write and give you incident reports. We will give you a first warning after the 3rd incident report. If behavior continues we will proceed with dismissing the child from camp.

If you receive a dismissal warming and your child is dismissed, we will pro-rate and refund the rest of the camp enrollment fees.

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