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what parents say:

At the Salsa With Silvia dance studio, we believe that dance builds confidence, strength, focus, discipline, focus, team work skills, balance, elegance, rhythm and a life long love for music. We welcome and encourage boys to dance as much as girls because dancing is a skill that applies to any sports that they take on later. Dance allows kids to focus on something very positive that has life long benefits.

We had an Amazing 'Dancing Through the Decades' 2-DAY Recital in Bethesda!

Thank you, dear parents, for joining us on our Dancing Through the Decades dance recital!

Our young dancers were encouraged by your presence and it made it a truly special event. Our dance instructors could not have been prouder. We want to thank the amazing team of dance instructors we have for such passionate work and dedication to our little stars. 

We invite you to join us again for the next Winter/Spring ’24 dance semester, where we look forward to creating more wonderful memories together on the dance floor! 

The Salsa with Silvia 4Kids team


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