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what parents say:

At the Salsa With Silvia dance studio, we believe that dance builds confidence, strength, focus, discipline, focus, team work skills, balance, elegance, rhythm and a life long love for music. We welcome and encourage boys to dance as much as girls because dancing is a skill that applies to any sports that they take on later. Dance allows kids to focus on something very positive that has life long benefits.

**At our studios, masks are optional!**

An Amazing Recap Video Of Our BEAUTIFUL ''My Favorite Movie'' SPRING 2022 Recital

At the Salsa With Silvia dance studios, we are proud to say that we teach kids how to dance, starting from zero into amazing performers. It’s been another uncertain year but we pulled through and our amazing staff and kids proved that dance means so much to them. 

We are so incredibly grateful for such a strong team and of course the wonderful families who continue to support us throughout the pandemic.

We hope to see you again in Fall of 2022!

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