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Frequently Asked Questions About Classes


How do I enroll my child for semester classes?

To enroll for a semester, be sure to check our schedule under Classes & Prices (Enrollment Classes) and follow the steps: First, fill out the registration form to let us know what is the class you are choosing. Second make a payment. We will then process your enrollment based on your form submission.

Is there a discount for parents to take adult classes?

Yes! We offer 20% off Adult Group Classes packages for parents. Call (202) 643-1870 for more details and to get your discount or simply use promo code PARENTSDANCE when you register for adult classes here.

My child will be younger/older than the age range of the class. Can I still enroll my child in the class?

It is best that your child stay in a class that is within their age range. Our programs are strategically designed for specific age ranges. If you feel like your child is more mature than their age, by all means give us a call and we’ll discuss if we could make an exception.

Can I sit in my child's class and observe the class?

For our Petite Ballerinas and baby classes, parents are required to participate in each class. For all other classes, parents are not allowed to physically sit in the class where instruction is given. If a child is distressed and wants their parent in the classroom, we could make an exception the first class.

Do you offer a discount for siblings?

Yes! We offer a discount for 10% off when you are enrolling your children in a Half Semester or Full Semester package. Use promo code SIBLING when you make your payment. We offer additional discounts, which you will find on the semester page under Classes & Prices and then Enrollment Classes.

It is my child's first time in class. What should he/she wear?

For girls: ages 3-4, the uniform is pink leotard, white tights, and pink ballet slippers. For boys: ages 3-4, the uniform is white t-shirts, black pants/shorts, and ballet slippers. 
For girls: ages 5 & up, the uniform is black leotard, white tights, and pink ballet slippers. For boys: ages 5 & up, the uniform is black t-shirt, black pants/shorts, and ballet slippers. All apparel is available for purchase in the studio.

We cannot make it to class for a date or two. What should I do?

If you are unable to attend classes, please call us at (202) 643-1870 or email us at to give us notice.

Are there make-up classes?

For enrollment classes, if you miss a class, make up classes are not allowed.

For drop in classes, you can cancel your reservation and use your credit for another date of the same class.

My child is not doing well in class. What should I do?

We are aware that kids change their habits and their focus. They may not be interested in attending anymore or they simply may not be into dance. To maintain a stable and structured program, we require full and non-refundable commitment to classes. However, we recommend that you first talk to your child’s teacher if your child is not doing well in the class or it’s being distracting to other kids. If the teacher recommends switching to another class, we could accommodate that if spots are available. Call us at (202) 643-1870 or email us at if you have any questions.

What is your refund policy?

We have a “No Refund” policy.  Store credit can be given with Owner/Director of Operation’s approval (Special circumstances considered). Call us at (202) 643-1870 or email us at if you have any questions.
Camps refund policy is different. Please refer to our camp page here.

Can I try out a class before I commit to a half or full semester?

One time try outs are allowed only in the beginning of a semester or mid semester and are based on availability. You can call to book your spot or pay at front desk. Be sure to confirm availability for a particular before trying out a class.

What is the student to teacher ratio?

The student to teacher ratio is 10 to 1. For each class with over 10 students, there is a teacher’s assistant assigned to the class. That is valid for classes with children ages 5 and under. Classes that require the parent to be with the child, do not require an assistant. Classes with kids over 5 years old have a 15 to 1 student/teacher ratio.
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