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Dear families, when it comes to dance lessons, you have many choices and I thank you for considering us as the studio where your little ones take dance classes.

As a family-owned business and as a mother of two beautiful girls, my number one goal and priority is ensuring the best environment for kids to learn dance. I want them to look forward to going to their next dance class and have fun while learning. 

This program was inspired by my eldest daughter Nia when she was 3. After trying different dance programs for kids, I was determined that with my experience, I could do better. I wanted to create the best program for her and I wanted the same standards to apply to every little student that comes through our doors. 

Here is what I promise:

Students will love their dance teacher and they will work on and learn a lot about rhythm, coordination, musicality, balance, discipline, following directions, working with a team, being elegant, graceful, being confident, learn how to express yourself, learn etiquette and a lot more in addition to building foundation in dance.

Students and their families will always feel welcome and taken care of by teachers and staff. We will do our best to give you and your family as much personal attention as possible. Please, just reach out if you need us!

I am always available if you have any questions or feedback. We’ll work hard to hear your concerns and do our best to address them.

I look forward to seeing you learn and progress in your dancing!

THANK YOU for dancing with Salsa With Silvia!

Silvia Alexiev
(Owner of The Salsa With Silvia Dance Studio)

what parents say:

The Salsa With Silvia studio was founded in 2008 by Silvia Alexiev. Born and raised in Bulgaria, Silvia is an inspired dancer, performer and choreographer who was only 6 years old when she began dreaming of competing in ballroom dance. That’s when dancing became a passion for life. Silvia became a competitive ballroom dancer at the age of 12. While ballroom dancing challenged the competitive drive in her, Silvia got tired of rules and regulations and that’s when she fell in love with salsa.

Dazzled by the intricate moves and complicated footwork and styling in salsa, Silvia joined her first salsa performance team in 2004 and became their lead female dancer. She performed at some of the largest salsa congresses in the World: LA, Puerto Rico, New York.

Silvia’s teaching career started in 2008. She discovered she had a gift for patiently breaking down the steps and making people feel comfortable learning with her. 

Soon, Silvia’s classes grew so big that she had to train two of her students to become instructors.

While dancing and teaching, Silvia also built a career in web and graphics design and got her MA in Film & Video at American University in DC. That landed a job for her as a lead producer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Silvia worked at NASA for over 10 years and had some amazing opportunities to travel and cover science missions and rocket launches. Watch this video to see Silvia as a NASA producer.

She never gave up her passion for dance and she grew her following and her studio while still working. In 2014, Silvia decided to dedicate her time entirely to her family and to her dance business. It was time to grow from a tiny business in the basement of her house to a large commercial space.

Thanks to her background as a web designer and video producer, the Salsa With Silvia studio became number 1 on Google and namely the largest Latin Dance Studio in the DMV area.

Silvia, her husband and their compelling story of bringing dance to the community, won a DC government grant in the amount of $85,000 that helped them build out a beautiful space on Georgia Ave.

Silvia launched the kids program in 2016 just before the birth of her second daughter. In addition Silvia initiated a scholarship program in support of children of low income families who want to dance. The studio fully funds training and costumes for the scholarship performance team.

In January of 2020, Silvia and her husband opened a second location of the Salsa With Silvia dance studio downtown Bethesda.

Salsa With Silvia owner Silvia Alexiev and her family

Being a mom and having started dancing at an early age, she is dedicated to providing children with a solid foundation in dance. Silvia believes that dance can help children develop important life skills such as coordination, balance, grace, etiquette, discipline, social skills, team work, leadership and focus.

The Salsa With Silvia dance program for children was founded in January of 2016. It was a humble beginning with just a few kids who were friends of the owner’s family. The first Salsa With Silvia studio was in the basement of Silvia’s house. The program was inspired by Silvia’s first born daughter Nia who still takes dance classes and attends camps at the studio.

The first Salsa With Silvia dance studio was located in Silvia's basement in Columbia Heights, DC.

Our story from start to opening our second location in Bethesda, MD

to dance is to discover and dream with your feet...

Dance is the language of the soul, to dance is to discover and dream with your feet …

At Salsa With Silvia we see dance as an important part of children’s development and education, where the love for dance, music and expressiveness will be a big part of their lives.

Dance has important physical, social and emotional benefits. It is an aerobic exercise with multiple benefits for the body. It develops body expression, hearing and memory. Dancing develops children emotionally while allowing their feelings to flow freely and even relax while releasing adrenaline.

We want kids at very early age to begin develop the foundation for body movement, rhythm and coordination. While we help them do that, we also want them to have fun. Our dance classes are a great balance between between structure and fun. When we teach our youngest kids we often use visual associations like “let’s walk as tall as a giraffe” and so on.

Our teachers have years of experience in working with young children and they have just the right approach to get them to relax and look forward to coming to class.

We don’t stress over a few tears, yes, it’s normal for a little 3 year old to cry a little at the beginning but we know that it’s all about exposure. Even if they have to just watch at first or sit in mommy’s lap, we know they are learning and very soon they’ll love it.

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