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At the Salsa With Silvia dance studio, we believe that dance builds confidence, strength, focus, discipline, focus, team work skills, balance, elegance, rhythm and a life long love for music. We welcome and encourage boys to dance as much as girls because dancing is a skill that applies to any sports that they take on later. Dance allows kids to focus on something very positive that has life long benefits.

January 6 to June 15
3232 Georgia Ave. NW, Suite 104, DC 20010
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Available Discounts

Only ONE discount allowed per enrollment!

Sibling Discount

10% OFF when enrolling more than one child. Use promocode SIBLING.

Boys Discount

We want boys to dance! Get 15% OFF when you enroll a boy. Use promocode BOYSDANCE.

Multi class Enrollment

Get 25% OFF when enrolling for 2 or more classes per semester. Use promo code MULTICLASS25 when paying.

Parents Discount

Parents get 20% OFF  when registering for our adult group classes. Use promocode PARENTSDANCE. Click for schedule.

Sweat DC Discount

Parents get 20% OFF the weekly pass at the Sweat DC gym next door. Call 202 643 1870 to get the code.

Step 1: Fill out the registration form

If your are registering for less than full semester, be sure to fill out the exact date range that your child(ren) will be attending.

Step 2: Make a payment

Spring Semester 2020

This package covers a full semester enrollment: 20 weeks - one class per week. $25 per class.

45 to 60 min classes


Spring Semester 2020

This package covers a full semester enrollment: 20 weeks - one class per week. $28 per class.

75 min classes


While we are not as strict as other schools are with our attire requirements, we insist that our students are dressed properly for dance to assure the best learning experience as well as safety. Salsa With Silvia partners up with Discount Dance Supply to provide you with the best prices on dance attire for your child(ren). Select your child’s class attire from a variety of options that we have hand picked for you. 

Dress Code Notes: UNIFORM COLORS BY AGE (Encouraged, but not required) Ages 0-4: Pink Ages 5-7: Lavender Ages 8-13: Blue Ages 14+: Black

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