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dance is an essential skill for girls & boys...
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At the Salsa With Silvia dance studio, we believe that dance builds confidence, strength, focus, discipline, focus, team work skills, balance, elegance, rhythm and a life long love for music. Our dance classes are designed with kids in mind. They are well-structured and taught by instructors and educators with years of experience working with kids. We hope you will join us and help your child discover the love for dance and music.  We offer a variety of dance styles such as ballet, creative movement, modern, contemporary, Latin, hip hop, jazz, and more. We are constantly improving and growing our program to offer the best dance education for your child.

Currently all face-to-face kids classes are cancelled with regards to the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are following DCPS closure schedule. Updates about opening will be posted.

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to dance is to discover and dream with your feet...

Dance is the language of the soul, to dance is to discover and dream with your feet …

At Salsa With Silvia we see dance as an important part of children’s development and education, where the love for dance, music and expressiveness will be a big part of their lives.

Dance has important physical, social and emotional benefits. It is an aerobic exercise with multiple benefits for the body. It develops body expression, hearing and memory. Dancing develops children emotionally while allowing their feelings to flow freely and even relax while releasing adrenaline.

We want kids at very early age to begin develop the foundation for body movement, rhythm and coordination. While we help them do that, we also want them to have fun. Our dance classes are a great balance between between structure and fun. When we teach our youngest kids we often use visual associations like “let’s walk as tall as a giraffe” and so on.

Our teachers have years of experience in working with young children and they have just the right approach to get them to relax and look forward to coming to class.

We don’t stress over a few tears, yes, it’s normal for a little 3 year old to cry a little at the beginning but we know that it’s all about exposure. Even if they have to just watch at first or sit in mommy’s lap, we know they are learning and very soon they’ll love it.

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